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Guns 'N Roses Reunion Lineup

by Tambe | Tambegif


     I'm putting the cart before the horse here a bit, but this is important, so it needs to be discussed. A few recent events have culminated in rumors flying wildly on the internet about a Guns 'N Roses reunion tour featuring the original members.
     The current version of the band, let's call them "Axl and Friends" or A 'N F for short, just saw both of their guitar players leave. One mentioned after leaving that he expected 2016 to be a big year for the band. Now, band members flee the insanity that is Axl Rose all the t...

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Posted on 09/03/2015

Great Tracks Quarterly: I

by Michael Di Gennaro | Image

A new segment of songs I really liked (or stood out on an album I liked) and that were also released from New Years to today. These are not in any particular order, excluding the top 5 i'm going to put together at the bottom. duh.

Tobias Jesso Jr.: How Could You Babe

infinetely hyped for Goon, Tobias' debut record that comes out in a couple weeks. Oh, also this track is a massive piano ballad that plays like some sort of teenage boy version of Adele. ****

Kanye West: Only One (f. Paul...

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Posted on 03/05/2015

Top Ten Tracks That Helped to Define 2014

by Andrew Scott | Moi


The process of pinning down just ten tracks that helped define an entire year as opposed to choosing your top ten albums is a far more daunting task. Firstly, let's focus on the 'define an entire year' concept. This isn't asking you for your top ten 'favorite' tracks of the entire year but more so, the ones that had the most influence on you and your year in parts. Thinking about this top ten as such requires you to open up your choices of tracks to those you might not have listened to all year but played heavily during a certain time period. There may be tracks t...

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Posted on 01/27/2015

2014 Favorite Tracks and Honorable Mentions

by Tambe | Tambegif


The most painful part of widdling down your top ten list every year is what doesn't make the cut. I usually have my top 4-5 picks pretty much set without much thought. The 6-9 slots are difficult mainly due to placement within the ten. (Is #6 better than #7?) #10 is always tough, because you're giving that album a place on your list and leaving all others off. It's a line in the sand. Years later there will always be albums that you left off, but realize you had made a mistake. I actually find that part fun when reviewing my older lists. Anyway, the point of this blog space o...

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Posted on 01/05/2015

Don't Deluxe Your Album!

by Andrew Scott | Moi


I remember a simpler time when an artist’s desired length for an album was the actual length of the album sold by their distributor. When the first track was where the album began and more importantly, the last track heard signified the end of the album. A time when, if you wanted to hear tracks from an album’s recording sessions that didn’t make the final cut, you had to buy the singles from said album to find those ‘B-side’ gems. It used to all make sense. Then came the emergence of the digital download as opposed to the physical purchase. Purchasing a dig...

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Posted on 11/28/2014

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