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Before The Frost

The Black Crowes - 2009

For the Crowes 8th album, the band stepped away from tradition and recorded live in Levon Helms studio, in front of a collection of fans. This is in no way a live album, (you wouldnt call an old Miles Davis, or Muddy Waters album a live album just because the whole band was recorded without overdubs would you?), but the live element pushes the band to places they may not have gone in a more sterile studio environment. The album sounds flawless, but not having the ability to redo vocal tracks endlessly gives Chris Robinsons vocals an old school rock rawness that the Crowes have lacked since their southern mud-rock masterpiece, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Years of playing jamband festivals show through as a band in complete control of each song, as they weave through extended guitar solos, and blend into pedal steel country-tinged balladry. Avoid the free second album, Until the Freeze, which is a mish-mash of bluegrass inspired leftovers of the recording sessions. Frost however is a welcome return to form of one of Americas better bands of the last two decades. (standout tracks: Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love); I Aint Hiding)

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Posted: 04/28/2013

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