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Monsters of folk

Monsters Of Folk

Monsters Of Folk - 2009

I hesitate to call this a supergroup. That moniker seems as though it should be reserved for bands made up of members of Night Ranger & Styx. M.O.F. is an assembly of three of the preeminent singer-songwriters working today, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, M.Ward, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. What sets this album apart from most collaborations is that the combination of three different songwriters and three distinct and extremely identifiable voices, blend together for one spectacular and gorgeous sound. The vocal harmonies gel together into a silky smooth sound that is truly the sum of its parts. (Multi-instrumentalist Mike Mogis thumbprint on this album shouldnt be overlooked either) I admit that I am a bit bias towards this album, because I went into it already being a fan of everyone involved, but what struck me was that while each artist brought their own songs to the band, each trade parts and verses, and each signature style shines through, the net result is a lush, cohesive sound of a band with a singular sound. (standout tracks: The Sandman, The Breakman, & Me; Temazcal)

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Posted: 05/11/2013

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