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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Various - 2014

Wes Anderson's soundtracks have routinely never let me down. While they're often among my most listened-to albums when they're first released, I rarely include them on a top ten because they're typically comprised of pre-existing material. Thankfully Alexandre Desplat's orchestral work, which makes up about 80% of this album was composed specifically for the film.


To describe the music is to describe the film really, so I can say this much - it fuses adventure, mischeif, absurdist comedy, human warmth and a bleak winter backdrop. Perfect for the season. Listen to it while you greet the Sunday morning. Still in your underwear. Coffee in hand, gazing out the window at some poor soul shoveling the snow.

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Posted: 12/26/2014

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#3 favorite album of 2014