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Ronson Access Memories

Mark ronson uptown special

Uptown Special

Mark Ronson - 2015

Three months ago, virtually all of Earth had no clue who Mark Ronson was, indie nerds, New York clubbers and Winehouse stans aside. But with Uptown Special,  Mark Ronson has put himself at the forefront of the non-EDM dance revival started by Daft Punk with their 2013 epic Random Access Memories. But it's the album's variation that takes it from a pop record with a couple strong singles to a respectable album is the album's ability to jump from style to style, with Mystikal and Bruno Mars providing a one-two punch with 20/20 Experience-like R&B masterworks "Feel Right" and the smash hit "Uptown Funk", while Kevin Parker of Tame Impala's guitar and voice anchors the record, giving three tracks a hazy, psychadelic tinge to the typically uppity tracks that you'd find on a dance record. Unfortunately for Ronson, the album's only flaw is a gaping one; the record is filled with nagging filler that seemingly pops up every time the album begins to gain momentum, and it seems like the more obsure the artist, the less essential the song the artist features on (excluding Stevie Wonder, who's criminally reduced to a harmonica on the ultimately lackluster opener and closer). Mark Ronson continues to be a connoisseur of all things old-school dance, but Uptown Special's high's equals its lows, leaving the listener intrigued, but ready for more.


Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 01/29/2015