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Courting the Squall

Guy Garvey - 2015

Apparently, Garvey was tired of the endless writing and recording process that comes with the making of every Elbow record.  He had songs that needed to see the light of day and so we are blessed to recieve his first solo album.  Lyrically, our man is in top form as usual (just look at the title of this album!).  We are treated to stories of heartache and booze as only Garvey can. Musically, the songs are far more direct without the prog effect that we got in spades on The Take Off and Landing of Everything.  All in all, Mr. Manc delivers a satisfying album despite the Elbow-lite feeling that listeners had to expect without his brothers in arms.

Posted by C. Scott



Posted: 11/11/2015

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Dsc 0563

C. Scott

C. Scott ranks this as the
#8 favorite album of 2015