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Fuck The Money

Talib Kweli - 2015

     There’s a reason that Jay Z famously called out Taleb Kweli’s lyrical prowess in “Moment Of Clarity” for being brilliant, but lacking the BIG SONG needed to reach millions. Kweli is true to himself and you have to respect it. At this point in their careers I’d much rather listen to Taleb’s work than Jay’s. Kweli is always at the forefront of politics, and the lyrics are teaming with reactions to modern issues. He comes across as a good spokesman for the Black Lives Matter movement, because he seems so genuine. Jay Z will be disappointed again that there’s no big radio single on this album, but Kweli’s fans won’t be. 
    You can’t put out an album called Fuck The Money and charge full price for it, so it’s available for free online. 

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Posted: 11/29/2015

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