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Carly Rae Jepsen - 2015

Perfectly perfected and purposeful pop music is a passion of mine. That which falls under this category are those pop artists that can make the seemingly over-used, abused, and stretched out nature of this genre, sound unique and original. This album does all that and moves past that which is desired for a polished pop product and then somehow ups the ante by paying homage to perhaps the greatest decade in the history of pop music - the 80s. The ridiculously large and untightened snare drum is back. The popping (not slapping) bass has its cameos and the overall sense of fun and nostalgia is intoxicating from the opening track to the last on offer. How Carly Rae Jepsen made an antire album an ode to the 80s and somehow made it sound utterly original is beyond me. What does makes sense however, is that this is one of the best stand out quasi-pop albums in the last 30 years. She is brooding at times (Warm Blood), charmingly superficial at others (Boy Problems), and devastatingly desparate (Gimme Love) when needed throughout this unique pop paradise of perfection. Forget all you know about an artist once defined by, 'Call Me Maybe' and dare to try that which you could not possibly expect from an artist who is just starting to redefine her genre of choice. (Sadly, the worst song on the album was her first single, 'I Really Like You,' which only helps casual listeners turn away from her new sound. Clearly this song was record label generated so to try and catch the same fire that 'Call Me Maybe' was privy to. Alas, this ploy is obvious, coming to clarity when you listen to how out of place it is in regards to the rest of the album.) Watch the video, and challenge/question yourself as to whether what you really are seeing is just another cookie cutter pop artist or a woman carving her own niche into multiple markets.

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Posted: 01/16/2016

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Andrew Scott

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#4 favorite album of 2015