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Thee oh sees

A Weird Exits

Thee Oh Sees - 2016

I feel like Thee Oh Sees are my little secret. They're on top 50 lists most years, so they obviously get enough recognition, but I think they should be talked about way more than they are. I first got into them around 2013 when they released Floating Coffin. They released an album every year since, (2 this year), and I keep becoming more of a fan. (2014's Drop wasn't great, but they roared back with last year's "Mutilator Defeated At Last") iTunes sometimes labels their albums in punk, sometimes in pop, and sometimes in alternative, and that's totally fair. They very much bounce between genres. Their sound can be pounding, grooving, slanted, grinding, and mesmerizing, all while throwing hooks at you from every which way. 
The second album that they released in 2016, called "An Odd Entrances", is a collection of their weirder side. It's not the punky/indie ruckus that A Weird Exits is. 

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Posted: 12/28/2016

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