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Homme, Sweet Homme

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Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop - 2016

I simply adore Josh Homme.  This guy can do it all.  Sure we could discuss Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures but let’s focus in on Homme as producer.  In addition to producing rock albums with Arctic Monkeys and Eagles of Death Metal, Homme is also all over the new Lady Gaga record and he can now add this raucous outing with a legendary Stooge to his impressive resume.  Homme put together a great crew to back Iggy.  He pinched Matt Helpers from the Monkeys which is the reason that the drumming on this beast is top notch.  Iggy’s performance is everything we’ve come to expect. I caught their Boston gig in April and the live show was spectacular.  We were treated to album cuts, clever covers, and a few classics from Mr. Pop’s heyday.  I bought a commemorative Post Pop Depression zippo to make the occasion.  

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Posted: 01/22/2017

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C. Scott

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#9 favorite album of 2016