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The 1975   i like it when you sleep  for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

I Like It When You Sleep, For You are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It

The 1975 - 2016

There’s nothing better than a ridiculously long album title, don’t you think?  The 1975 continue their bombastic approach to pop/rock on this, their sophomore release.  Their debut had a retro sound but this follow up finds the group unapologetically ripping off every 80’s cliche imaginable.  The sax noodling on the outro of ‘She’s American’ is a perfect example.  Oh, and it works to great effect.  Matt Healy continues his pretentious rants about young love and trust.  The melodies are catchy and the music is upbeat.  ‘The Sound’ is my favorite track of 2016.  In other words, this was the album that I went to when I needed a little lift this year.  This lively record is the little lighthouse that shone a bright light of hope across the ravenous darkness and endless death of this year’s Ten. 

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Posted: 01/22/2017

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C. Scott

C. Scott ranks this as the
#8 favorite album of 2016