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Everything You’ve Come to Expect

The Last Shadow Puppets - 2016

 Swagger.  Attitude.  Slick.  Boast.  Brag.  Strut.  Poser.  Smarmy.  Greasy.  

Here’s a tiny taste . . .  

Bad habits

Sick puppy

Thigh high

Knee deep


Do you wanna hold hands?

Should we go back down?

Do you wanna slow dance?


Should've known, little girl that you'd do me wrong

Should've known by the way you were showing off


Deep trouble

Red lollipop

Pale faces

Oh right


Turner and Kane are back together again but they’ve moved on from the charm of their 60’s inspired debut straight into the seedy 70’s.  I saw them at the House of Blues and the show was electric! 

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Posted: 01/22/2017

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Dsc 0563

C. Scott

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#6 favorite album of 2016