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Love is (a) Patient.


The Bride

Bat For Lashes - 2016

The Bride’s fiancé has died.  That’s the premise of this latest concept album by the radiant Natasha Khan.  Unfortunately, when it comes to this record, I was never truly engaged.  It is, for better or worse, the least appealing of the four Bat For Lashes albums.  I was waiting for another wonderful companion in The Bride but was left feeling jilted.  I mean I never really understood where the album was going and despite repeated listens, I’m still nuptial. 


Something Old 

Khan chose to tell a timeless tale of love and marriage. After all, a wedding album always has a nice ring to it. It has a wonderful beginning that doesn’t stand on ceremony at all.  The first handful of songs tell the compelling story of a bride and groom that fall in love, make plans, suffer a terrible loss, and deal with bitter resentment.  However, that’s about as wedded to this album as I’ve become. 


Something New

The problem is that The Bride is an album that gets cold feet about half way through. The promise is squandered and the remainder of the tale has the bride wandering aimlessly around in a mourning fog. It’s terribly disappointing.  Even the cake was in tiers.  The later songs, both lyrically and sonically, are slow and indistinguishable at best.  The soft, lilting melodies are pleasant but forgettable.  The journey to the album’s closer is long and these lackadaisical tracks are met with a cold reception. 


Something Borrowed 

There are a happy couple of highlights along the way.  Widow’s Peak is a haunting spoken word piece that takes the listener back to the glory days of Fur and Gold.  Natasha also makes sure to include an obligatory piano ballad entitled If I Knew.  However, The (never ending) Bride is the sound of our heroine slowly rocking herself back and forth.  It doesn’t make for a compelling listen. I expected to fall truly in love with this album but it wasn’t made of honor. 


Something Blue

While the remainder of the album may be cathartic for the main character, it leaves the listener feeling disappointed and blue. The beginning of The Bride is definitely the better half but that doesn’t altar my feelings regarding this album.  The honeymoon is over after the fifth track.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m already looking forward to the next Bat For Lashes release.  I will save the date!




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Posted: 03/04/2017

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