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Black keys

Attack & Release

The Black Keys - 2008

The Black Keys are the best blues-rock duo since, well, you know. While I would never put them in the same class as Jack and Meg, they have hit their stride on Attack & Release. The production of Dangermouse, which I generally think is overrated these days, is evident on this album. Equal parts Mississippi blues and riff rock, the Keys write songs filled with rowdy punk attitude. The album was initially written by the duo for Ike Turner, but Turner’s death in 2007 made this a full fledged Keys record. They still owe a huge debt to the Stripes, since it’s impossible to not hear Jack’s influence on nearly every song, but this album solidifies them as a creative force in their own right. 

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Posted: 04/02/2017

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Tambe ranks this as the
#6 favorite album of 2008