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M.I.A. - 2007

Arular was so ground breaking that the sophomore slump was certain and yet Maya has continued her unique blend of hip-hop and world music to deliver an explosion of light and sound.  Her rebellious grime-like third world style comes through lyrically and on the whole Kala is a fun filled mess of found sounds, Australians, patty caking African children, Pixies tributes, 80's synth, obscure Indian soundtrack samples, livestock, marching bands, and a plethora of random guest vocalists. Thank God her visa didn't come through which would have let Timbaland turn her into Nelly F. (His destruction of Bjork's Volta was enough) Boyz, Jimmy, and Hussel make for a compelling episode.  As for Paper Planes, I haven't felt so drawn to a pop song since Karen O and the boys wrote a little song called Maps.

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Posted: 04/02/2017

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