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Neon bible (front cover)

Neon Bible

Arcade Fire - 2007

Unlike their hipster fan base, I was greatly unimpressed with 'Funeral.' Production and so on were fine but it drags and lacks memorable numbers.  'Bible' on the other hand has a series of spectacular songs from the band of god knows how many members.  The Bowie influence is all over 'Black Mirror' and (the Dave Grohl approved) 'Keep the Car Running' has an good time David Byrne feel. Title track is a subdued affair and then you get hit hard with the church organ wall of sound from 'Intervention.' Doubters should start with track ten as 'No Cars Go' is a breathtaking joint.

Posted by C. Scott



Posted: 04/02/2017

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Dsc 0563

C. Scott

C. Scott ranks this as the
#2 favorite album of 2007