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The Seldom Seen Kid

Elbow - 2008

The Manchester quintet released their fourth album in March after two & a half years of writing and recording.  This latest release strikes the perfect balance between melancholic art rock and accessible pop songwriting. The symphonic arrangements and compelling vocal delivery make for a record rich in style and grace. Guy Garvey courts lovers at their places of work, fixes horse races, and prays with crane operators. His superb lyrical content is wry and heartfelt. Not a concept album but crafted as a whole, ‘Kid’ is a glowing tribute to band friend & singer/songwriting Brian Glancy.  The entire album is dedicated to his memory. From the stunning opener ‘Starlings’ and the bar brawl sing-along ‘Grounds for Divorce’ to the confessional closer ‘Friend of Ours’ and the mantra of ‘One Day Like This,’ it’s no wonder that Elbow won the 2008 Mercury prize for ‘The Seldom Seen Kid.’

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Posted: 04/02/2017

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