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Crystal fairy

Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy - 2017

I can't figure why nobody gave this album much attention this year, because I think it's fabulous. Buzz and Dale from The Melvins, Teri Gender Bender from LeButcherettes, and Omar from At The Drive In/Mars Volta form this super group and it's just plain awesomness.

Posted by Tambe



No. Just, No. Absolutely not. This was not a good album. I tried several tracks on several occasions and found it to be truly awful. I'm glad you enjoyed it but it has no business being on anyone's ten, ever. Full stop.

Posted about 2 years ago by Dsc 0563C. Scott

So I think what you're saying is that you disagree with my assessment.

Posted about 2 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 12/31/2017

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Tambe ranks this as the
#7 favorite album of 2017