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Still Dreaming

Joshua Redman - 2018

There is nothing new on offer here, but the brilliance of the playing and the strength of the compositions makes it one of the best Jazz albums of the 2000s (which is hardly saying much). Interestingly too, it's a short listen, with three of the eight tracks not even getting to four minutes in length. However, brevity does not make a good album, but the quality of what is being said most certainly does, and Redman in particular, after many albums of medicority, seems to have found his voice again. His playing combines the acts of acrobatics and melody making, while most importantly, expressing confidence in the choices he makes throughout Still Dreaming. Obviously, the rest of the band is made up of heavyweights, so it makes sense that this is a great venture to get lost in, as though the tracks flirt with a variety of styles, at the heart of it, the quintessential jazz archetypes are omnipresent. 

Highlights: Unanimity, New Year

Negatives: Lacks in anything that challenges the listener

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 12/26/2018

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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott ranks this as the
#8 favorite album of 2018