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Kali Uchis - 2018

The best thing one could say about Isolation, is WTF? (in a good way that is). It is all over the place, to the point that it would be doing it a disservice to label it one genre or another. As meant as a compliment then, it is truly indescribable. With that being said, whatever it is as an absolute, it is most certainly mind-bending and enjoyably so. Uchis's voice is hypnotizing to say the least, so by the time she has pulled you through her songs and left in you in a state of unknowing, you want to immediately get back to her to figure her out. And that assignment is particularly difficult, and again, that is meant as a compliment. If you want to blow your world up for a while, get to listening to Isolation.

Highlights: As every track has its own thing going on, then every track is truly a highlight

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 12/27/2018

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Andrew Scott

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#5 favorite album of 2018