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Russian circles memorial


Russian Circles - 2013

The trio Russian Circles make instrumental post-rock that leans more towards the metal side of the genre. Their latest release, “Memorial”, clocks in at a brisk 37 minutes long, which is perfect for this type of sound. Hour long instrumental metal albums grow boring and lose focus. Memorial on the other hand, is interesting from start to finish, and doesn’t continuously pound you over the head, but weaves in and out of song sections with great dynamic range. There’s nothing that you haven’t ever heard before here, but it’s really well done. No need to recommend any particular tracks here, just hit play and go. (“Deficit" is a favorite though) One impressive thing about Memorial is the sound that RC achieve as a trio. They have a very full sound that sounds like a much larger band, but doesn't sound like there are hundreds of overdubs. The word is that their live show shouldn't be missed.

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Posted: 11/21/2013

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