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2014 Favorite Tracks and Honorable Mentions


The most painful part of widdling down your top ten list every year is what doesn't make the cut. I usually have my top 4-5 picks pretty much set without much thought. The 6-9 slots are difficult mainly due to placement within the ten. (Is #6 better than #7?) #10 is always tough, because you're giving that album a place on your list and leaving all others off. It's a line in the sand. Years later there will always be albums that you left off, but realize you had made a mistake. I actually find that part fun when reviewing my older lists. Anyway, the point of this blog space on is to allow a space for exactly this sort of thing. With that being said, allow me to give some other albums a bit of their due... 

Honorable Mentions In No Particular Order:
Death Grips - Niggas On The Moon - I love DG, but this is only half of a double album, so it's not complete. Also, while it's good, it's not a vast change from their last few albums, so it didn't warrant any top ten recognition in my opinion. I still enjoyed it though, and love the Bjork samples!
Future Islands - Singles - Seasons (Waiting On You) is a fantastic single, but the album as a whole is a lot of the same beats, and I need to be blown away if you're going to have an 80's synth sound to your music.
Angel Olson - Burn Your Fire For No Witness Love her, love the sound, like a lot of the songs. I see her making top ten lists in the future.
Alt -J - This Is All Yours - Decent sophmore effort, but not brilliant like their debut.
Shellac - Dude Incredible - Strong effort in a year where I didn't like a lot of indie rock releases.
White Lung - Deep Fantasy - I keep going back to this album and enjoying it. If you want loud heavy punk with a metal tone to it, check it out.
Pefect Pussy - Say Yes To Love - Another one I revisit. Meredith Graves is a female cyclone.

This list of songs is by no means complete, but it's a decent sub-section of what I enjoyed. The Kendrick Lamar and Father John Misty are early single releases from their upcoming 2015 albums, so I definitely can't wait for those. Also, The Sleater-Kinney early singles from their upcoming album have been awesome, but I didn't buy them yet, since I want to wait to hear the whole album at once.




Hexon Bogon


Rave Tapes

Digital Witness

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

Prince Johnny

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

Birth In Reverse

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

I Love My Dad

Sun Kil Moon



Sun Kil Moon



Angel Olsen

Burn Your Fire For No Witness

The Moon Song (End Title Credit)

Karen O

The Moon Song (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture Her) - Single


James Vincent McMorrow

Post Tropical


James Vincent McMorrow

Post Tropical

Past Life

Lost In The Trees

Past Life

A Little God In My Hands


To Be Kind


Jack White


Your Love Is Killing Me

Sharon Van Etten

Are We There


Death Grips

niggas on the moon

Drown With The Monster

White Lung

Deep Fantasy

Confessions (Feat. Leland Whitty)



Every Other Freckle


This Is All Yours

The Motherload


Once More 'round The Sun

The Dark (Trinity) (Feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn)

The Roots

...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

Hunger Of The Pine


This Is All Yours

Get Up (Feat. Mariel Jacoda)



The Body Electric

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Small Town Heroes

Bored In the USA

Father John Misty

I Love You, Honeybear


Perfume Genius

Too Bright





Kendrick Lamar

i - Single

Seasons (Waiting On You)

Future Islands


The Wolf is Free

Lily & Madeleine



That's actually intentional. I like this space to be my place to be less constricted to a boxing in of "Top Ten...". It's a chance to highlight a bunch of good stuff that deserves a nod, but didn't make the cut. I have about 29 tracks above, but that's out of hundreds that I heard, so I figure that's limiting enough.

Posted over 4 years ago by TambegifTambe

You know, I love this and I'm about to do the same but your list of favorite tracks is overwhelming. It makes me think that you liked everything you heard in 2014. As we are,'The Tens', how about a Top Ten list of your favorite tracks :)

Posted over 4 years ago by MoiAndrew Scott