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Top Ten Tracks That Helped to Define 2014


The process of pinning down just ten tracks that helped define an entire year as opposed to choosing your top ten albums is a far more daunting task. Firstly, let's focus on the 'define an entire year' concept. This isn't asking you for your top ten 'favorite' tracks of the entire year but more so, the ones that had the most influence on you and your year in parts. Thinking about this top ten as such requires you to open up your choices of tracks to those you might not have listened to all year but played heavily during a certain time period. There may be tracks that at the beginning of the year you couldnt stop playing but come December you hadn't listened to in six months. Not listening to them non-stop for an entire year doesn't take away from the fact that for two months you couldn't stop listening to them more than any other track. Maybe you can think of ten other tracks you liked more, but again we're looking for songs that for parts of your year dominated your listening. Let's do a 'for example': Below you'll see Lily Allen's, 'Insincerely Yours'. When I started this list I had all but forgot about this song as the album was released way back in May. Easily I could pick a number of tracks from multiple albums that I enjoy more so now, but none of those other tracks played such a role in my everyday life as that Lily Allen track did for close to two months. However, listenting habits move on and eventually that song faded slowly back into my music library, stored and hardly ever selected. I didn't go off it, I just started listening to other songs. So that's the idea here. It's not your overall favorite songs list, but instead a top ten of songs that helped define your year.

*this list is no particualr order*

Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band – Shenandoah

Ariana Grande – Break Free (feat. Zedd)

Branford Marsalis – Improvisation No. 3

East India Youth – Glitter Recession

Elbow – Colour Fields

Elizaveta  - Sorry

Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Katy B – Tumbling Down

Lily Allen – Insincerely Yours

Nickel Creek – Destination