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by Tambe | Tambegif


Can the long awaited return of a band ever live up to the expectations? Faith No More is one of my favorite bands of all time. They were one of the most diverse and unique bands of the 90's, spanning all types of genres. (I'll be posting a classic review of Angel Dust soon) Their last album, "Album of the Year" was a bit of a disappointment from what I remember, and that was waaaaaaayyyyy back in 1997. FNM opened a Twitter account recently and started posting cryptic pics of them in the studio, hinting that a new album is in the works. They also just played a show in Lo...

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Posted on 07/12/2014

R.I.P. Death Grips (...and why you should care)

by Tambe | Tambegif


It seems as quickly as they showed up, they were gone. Death Grips announced that they have broken up yesterday, much to the dismay of music fans everywhere. Well, not all music fans. You see, these guys could be dicks. They would no show to their live gigs sometimes, screwing the venue and the fans. They leaked their album for free online before their record company had a chance to sell one copy. Now that they've broken up, their summer tour slot with NIN/Soundgarden has left an opening to fill. (some other band is getting super lucky) All of these things are dick moves, but what DG has...

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Posted on 07/03/2014

How to spot a Perfect Album!

by C. Scott | Dsc 0563

Dsc 0563

How do you know you’ve discovered a classic album? It’s the age old dilemma that has plagued at least ten people! Here is a short list of possible factors that help me decide if a record is worthy of the fabled five star rating. I schedule times to hear the album in its entirety. I actually make an appointment to spend some quality time with a classic album. I will postpone the meeting if I don’t think I’ll get all the way through it in a single sitting. Some of my favorite albums come with me on road trips for example as I’m more or less guaranteed to experience the album as a wh...

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Posted on 06/30/2014

Things Have Changed

by Tambe | Tambegif

Hanging 003

In a couple of weeks I'll be jetting off on vacation for a week, and this morning, for a split second, I thought, "What music should I bring on the trip?". I'm an iTunes Match subscriber, which means that for $25 a year I can have Apple store my entire 22,000+ song music collection in the cloud. It's available to me everywhere. Plus, the hotel will have wifi not only in the room, but out by the pool. No more decisions. No more sitting in front of my stacks of cds thinking, "Is this a Tool kind of day, or is it a Joni Mitchell kind of day". That decision can change your entire day. So, this ...

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Posted on 06/28/2014

SZA's Julia from Z!

by C. Scott | Dsc 0563

Sza 306v 1383324983

Blowing a kiss to theBlog with this great track from SZA's mediocre album!

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Posted on 06/25/2014

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